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Tax, Retirement and Estate Planning

Avoid costly mistakes and be prepared for life’s events and transitions

Pay less taxes

Avoid costly mistakes

Be prepared for what’s ahead

People make costly mistakes when there is:

  • A  lack of clarity in their finances
  • No plan for their life’s important events and transitions
  • No coordinated advice and communication between their various advisors 
  • One or several unchecked financial blind spots

Meet your principal advisor, Bold

If you are like most successful people, you want to do the best thing with your hard-earned money and leave a legacy that reflects your values.

The problem is you don’t have time nor the necessary expertise to make the best money decisions in your set of circumstances. Worse, the disjointed pieces of advice you get from your multiple advisors doesn’t help bring clarity and confidence. That’s no one’s fault,  it’s just the way things work.

At Bold Care Financial, we understand how you feel.

We believe that no one should end up realizing in hindsight that they wasted money and time, or worse that they could have avoided regretable financial consequences on their loved ones and relationships. 

That’s why Bold Kéré, your principal advisor, helps successful people like you.

He will identify any financial blind spots you may have and provide a clear action plan to help you live your best life possible with the money you have.

He actually won a prestigious canadian financial planning award for bringing tremendous value to his clients and for his expertise. As the situation demands, he can work with your current advisors or bring in a team of like-minded elite professionals to give you a well rounded, best of class advice and service.

His goal is to help you avoid costly mistakes and be prepared for your life’s important events and transitions.

What you can expect

We help you keep more of your hard earned money by making sure you are benefiting from all possible tax breaks and strategies allowed by the canadian and provincial regulations.

What you don’t know can hurt you in many ways beyond financial. 

We thoroughly review your financial set-up, both business and personal, to make sure your financial blind spots are identified and dealt with. 

Through meaningful conversations and careful planning, we help you use your money the best way possible to live your best life possible now and down the road. 

We partner with you, and help you be prepared and feel in control of life’s important events and transitions.

How we do business

We review your entire financial and life situation

We make recommendations with a clear action plan and help you implement it.

You save money, avoid costly mistakes, and feel prepared for life’s important transitions


The Peace of Mind package is our signature comprehensive and independant planning service offered for a fee.

When you get financial products from us,  we receive a commission from the financial institutions providing those products. Note that we have access to several institutions and are not tied to any particular one. Therefore we can offer you the best solution according to your circumstances.

Financial Products

Values-Based Investments 
Alternative Investments 
Other Investment products
Insurance products

Peace of Mind Package

Life Planning/Return On Life (ROL) 
Business Transition 
Tax Planning  
Risk Management
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning  
Financial products


At a predetermined hourly rate

What clients have to say

“Working with Bold, we are on track to retiring 5 years earlier than previously told by a well known wealth management firm. We also have a clearer vision of what a successful retirment could look like for us. ” 

A.M & P.M

“I (G.T) only accepted to speak with Bold upon the insistance of a friend as I didn't believe in financial advisors. We ended up saving over 10 times more than what we paid in fees the very first year. 

I (U.K),  I liked that our conversations were free from financial jargon, which made me comfortable and helped me learn." 

G.T & U.K

“Bold Care Financial helped us double our net worth in 3 years. Beyond the financial benefits, we know we've developed a relationship with a trusted advisor that cares about our values.” 

P.S & A.B


You will find various resources to help you make better financial decisions, be prepared for life's important events and transitions and avoid costly mistakes. Feel free to share them with friends and family.


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