1. The problem

Along with success, often times comes complexity, new challenges and even uncertainty. At times there can even be a latent f rustration  and/or a deep down discontentment about how things are in your life. 


Other times, it's just a lack of clarity about your situation and the actions which should be taken towards your preferred future. It may also be that you are so busy that you don't even have time to look into your finances as you should, and need an external eye to give you a second opinion.


For those of you with a business, you may be wondering how to ensure the smoothest possible business exit/transfer while maximizing the value of your business, ensuring adequate funding for your next season and minimizing tax and risks. 


How about the thought of leaving everything in order, providing for your loved ones, having a well thought of estate plan which reflects your values and heart desires.


Maybe you want to plan well for retirement: defining what this means for you and your spouse, then making sure your plan allows for the best retirement possible.


The list can go on, but the above situations will resonate in one way or the other with you. 

The problem is that the traditional financial services systems, the banking system or even traditional financial planning cannot offer a holistic, comprehensive solution that will suit you.

That's why we exist. Bold Care Financial was established by Bold David Kere to be a guide to you, to offer a holistic service, a complete 360 care along with his team of partners.

2. The team

Bold David Kéré is the principal advisor. He is an Award-Winning Financial and Estate Planner and Wealth Manager. He won the second runner-up spot for the 2019 Canada Financial Planning Awards. Bold surrounds himself with a team of external partners also amongst the best in their respective fields: Tax specialists, Accountants, a Business Management Specialist, a Business Valuator, a Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Specialists, Estate Specialists, Lawyers/Notaries and other professionals. In addition to the elite level of expertise in the team, the team has another thing in common. They are all trained and well versed in the biblical worldview about finances and management and seek to live out these values and timeless/universal/efficient principles in their own lives and teach it to others. They understand what it means to be in your shoes and know how to provide the required guidance.

3. The plan

​Bold Care Financial follows a simple process to deliver the results that you expect.

  • Contact Bold Care Financial for a short, free and no commitment initial conversation.

  • If satisfied, schedule a free no commitment discovery meeting so we can learn more about you and you about us. Determine if there is a fit.

  • You get a proposal including the details of what we will do, what you can expect as results and the related fees.

  • You decide if you hire us or not.

  • ​If you hire us, you get the results you expected and your questions answered.

  • We continue building the relationship with you and your family as you long as you want.

All areas of expertise are covered, life matters are explored, meaningful conversations, even maybe about difficult family issues are facilitated, all in order to bring you a complete and suitable financial solution for clarity, peace of mind and overall enhanced life.

You don't have to live with the various unanswered questions lingering in your life. Initiate a free conversation with us today.