1. Initial conversation

We have an initial free, no commitment conversation, intended as an introductory conversation. You can ask questions about us and we will also ask you brief questions to learn how we might be able to help. If there is a potential fit, you decide if you want to go to the next step.

2. Discovery meeting

This is a free no commitment meeting, during which we seek to know more about your specific circumstances. Our advisor will ask questions intended to bring to the surface what makes you,  you; The advisor will have a good sense of the end results you are looking for and the complexity and challenges that you are facing. By the end of that meeting, you and the advisor will know if there is a fit, and you will decide if you want to go to the next step. No matter the issue of that meeting, it will be well worth your time, as the advisor will give you right there some valuable insights for your situation that would be well worth your time. 

3. Proposal

After the discovery meeting, we prepare a detailed report for you, including the proposal. The advisor presents to you a detailed report outlining what we will do for you: the planning actions, resources that will be used, execution, timeline, fees, etc. You will know exactly what we will be doing in order to deliver the promised results, save you money, protect your assets, establish your legacy plan, know the optimal pathway to your preferred future and what you will pay. This report is free of charge with no commitment. All the information will be in your hands for you to determine if you want to move forward. 

4. Delivery of the promised results

The advisor executes the proposal in the indicated timeline and delivers the promised outcome just as in the proposal. No bad surprises, no hidden fees. You get what has been promised. Along the way, the advisor will be in touch with you as needed to gather the necessary financial and legal documents. We can also gather this information from your lawyer, accounts, CRA, other third parties, as you give us permission, in order to make this as smooth and time efficient for you as possible. We know you are busy and our process is designed to minimize as much as possible the time we ask of you.

5. Continued relationship

Our desire is to not only to deliver on the promised results but also to build a long lasting relationship with you that will be mutually beneficial. We have the ability to act as a dedicated family office for the benefit of your entire family, positioning ourselves as your trusted one-stop place for all your family's financial needs and a source of wise advice and guidance for years to come.

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